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Mayor shouldn’t gamble with the taxpayers’ money

Sir: Regarding Mayor Bradley's public disclosure of his view on in-camera council discussion. We do not know all the facts of the matter, however if we assume that the deal that Mr. Bradley is referring to as bad was recommended for acceptance by the city's lawyers, then it is incumbent on the; city to accept the advice, even though it may not be palatable.

Imagine rejecting the deal against legal counsel and pursuing the matter through the courts on principle, then losing the case and the legal costs. From the taxpayer's point of view, this would be inexcusable. Mr. Bradley is not empowered to gamble with our money.

Furthermore, regardless of the motives, it is grossly wrong for one of the officers of the corporation to reveal his feelings publicly while the matter is in the process of internal discussions that, by necessity, must remain confidential until concluded. Indeed, he may have harmed the case already.

G.M. Clark, Sarnia
 Letter to the Editor The Observer 2002 10 04


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