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Sarnia can’t go on sticking with ‘same old, same old’

Sir: Re: "Gillis replaces mayor as police board head" (The Observer, Jan. 27, 2006)

Congratulations to the police board for abandoning tradition and voting in a new chairperson.

Votes are not to be seen as tradition; they are to be made for leadership, change, innovative ideas and, more importantly; improved accountability. Continuity and experience are not required for moving forward. Sarnia can simply not afford status quo - same old, same old. This is most certainly an indication of a change to occur at the upcoming November municipal election.

Sarnia is well overdue for a change in the mayor's seat and it's time for Sarnia to make a new choice for leadership of our community. When that change occurs, Sarnia citizens will be asking themselves, "Why did we wait so long?"

How exactly did we get into $85 million-plus debt? Why was the city infrastructure ignored for over 15 years?

One thing is for sure, If the mayor's job in this city was a, hired position by the council or city staff, Mayor Bradley would have been gone at least three elections ago based on his track record. He may get a satisfactory rating based on effort, however based on results and our financial situation, we must have new leadership.

Rose-Ann Nathan Sarnia

(Letter to the Editor, The Observer 2006 01 31)


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