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Mayor should have made different points

Sir: Regarding the recent Suncor incident.

I was surprised with Mayor Bradley's response to the recent incident at Suncor. I think some points he could have made were:

  • He could have shown some sympathy to those who were injured.
  • He could show pleasure that the county ambulance system was able to respond with enough vehicles to rapidly transport the injured to Bluewater Health.
  • Should have noted that the health system was able to get an air ambulance here as backup, and be thankful that it was not required.
  • Be pleased that Bluewater Health was able to handle the emergency and treat the 23 people involved.

If there was a point to be made to the management of Suncor, I think it would have been more useful to talk directly to the Suncor manager rather than to the press.

Dick Carpani


(Letter-to-the-Editor The Observer 2006 08 02)


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