Vote Dick Carpani for Mayor
  Sarnia Ontario Canada

Sarnia deserves better than the status quo

Sir: As we approach our municipal elections early next month, I would like to suggest it is time for a change.

Whether you think our incumbent mayor has done a good job or whether you think Sarnia has gone backwards under his leadership, 18 years is enough and it is time for a change. After 18 years, the city has taken advantage of any skill sets that Mayor Bradley might have, and we must now move on to someone who will provide a different set of skills and fresh ideas that can hopefully get this city moving forward again.

Most companies change their top people at least every 10 years and few governments keep a leader for that long.

Many organizations even mandate a maximum number of terms specifically to take advantage of new sets of ideas and skills. Why would we even consider extending the current leadership to 22 years? It is unfortunate that we have two serious challengers for the mayor's job. Hopefully, they will not split the vote, allowing the incumbent to be returned.

Even if you do not like Mr. Murray's "Port Sarnia" project and if you are not sold on Mr. Carpani, you owe it to Sarnia to pick the one you think would be best and get Sarnia moving forward again. Either would be a vast improvement over the current leadership(?) and far better than extending the status quo for another four years.

Bob Child, Sarnia

Friday, October 06, 2006 The Observer


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