Vote Dick Carpani for Mayor
  Sarnia Ontario Canada

CHOK Opening Remarks

Hello. I am Dick Carpani candidate for Mayor.

There are four qualities to indicate why Dick Carpani is the right choice for mayor of Sarnia.

I am dedicated, I am committed I am skilled and I am experienced.

1)   First I am dedicated:

a)   I have lived and worked in Sarnia for 48 years.

b)   I have worked for Sarnia in several organizations. I am a Golden K Kiwanian. Our club is dedicated to helping children; for example, I help an elementary school reading program.

c)   I was on the board of Lambton Seniors Association, a group who works for the benefit of all seniors in the county.

d)   I have been a scoutmaster, I was on the board of our children’s mental health centre, and I am a member of the Bluewater Trails Committee.

2)   Secondly I am Committed:

a)   I do not, and will not, miss meetings, especially not to attend a photo op.

b)   I missed just one meeting in four and a half years on council, a special one called after I had left on a vacation.

c)   I missed no more than 2 or 3 meetings on the school board in 12 years.

d)   I work hard and am committed to finish anything I start. I am committed to every group I belong to including city council. I will work with council letting each have their input to our decisions. Our decisions will be well thought out, and thoroughly discussed.

3)   Third I am Skilled:

a)   I am an Engineer with a master’s degree in management science.

b)   I worked in the Petrochemical industry for 37 years for the same organization whose name changed from Polysar to Petrosar to Nova.

c)   I have been, not only a coach, but also a leader in the sport of my choice. I have been elected to the provincial sport governing body of the Ontario Taekwondo Association since 1982. I was its treasurer for eight years and gained skill at dealing with the government officials who approved funding for the association.

4)   Fourth I am Experienced:

a)   I have been on Sarnia City Council two terms: four and a half Years.

b)   I was a member of the Lambton County Board of Education for twelve years

c)   I have been Chairman of the Lambton County Board Of Education. This was in the days when school boards set tax rates and had powers much the same as city councils have now.

d)   On the school board I was chair of the management committee, which oversaw their budget, at that time it was about three times the size of Sarnia’s budget.

e)   I was the chair of the Sarnia and Lambton Housing Authority for five years. This was an appointed voluntary job, which gave me good experience working with a board and the director of that authority.

f)      I worked in the petrochemical industry for 37 years. I had experience at budgeting, at reducing budgets, and at evaluation of projects. These skills are directly useful as mayor.

Our choice this election is among: a candidate who is not serious, a current councillor with experience of just one term, a mayor who has had 18 years of the same old same old, and, Dick Carpani. I am dedicated, committed, skilled and experienced – I am the best choice for Sarnia!

Thank you for the chance to address those here, those on Radio and those watching TV. Thanks to CHOK for organizing this event.

Please vote for Dick Carpani on November 13.

It is time for a change.

I am ready for the challenges of whatever may come up.

Good evening.


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