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  Sarnia Ontario Canada

Kiwanis Speech 06 03 14


My club would fine me for talking politics. I did get to talk, once when I gave my bio and another time when I actually gave a speech on city council.

Thanks to Paul for inviting me.

First campaign speech good to have a (hopefully) friendly audience.

Not sure what it is you want to hear

Anyone who would like to help my campaign would be most welcome


Intro of Dick Carpani

Retired Chemical engineer. Degrees from U of S and U of Waterloo.

First computer I used was an IBM 1620 in 1960.

Still practice sport of taekwondo now as a referee, and instructor and on the Provincial sport governing board of directors.

Councillor for one and a half terms

School trustee for four terms total 12 years twice vice-chair and once chair. Several times chair of the personnel committee.

Chair of the Sarnia and Lambton Housing Authority.

Engineer started at Polymer Corporation and retired from NOVA.



Sarnia is – a good place to live,

a good place to do business, and

a good place to move to.


402 widening

Garbage bag limit

Tax management

Debt management (Ann Mulvale – Oakville) comments

Number of meetings of council

Street maintenance


Issues tend to come up as a campaign goes on, often something will happen that will be the defying issue, and it will not appear until close to the election.

Why am I a good candidate for Mayor?




Well educated

Up-to-date i.e. use email etc

Worked for 37 years in a large organization, know how to do things where there are several layers of organization

Can and do delegate

All former mayors of Sarnia were once councillors – as I was.

I know that it required different skills to get the job than to do it. Incumbents have an advantage because of day-to-day knowledge in doing the job.

My Style

Work together with a team to get jobs done.

Keep all team members (in this case council) informed.

Used to preparing a budget

Used to having to cut budgets.

Used to running a group to keep within the agreed to budget.

(Do the FAQs here)

Harder to get Elected than to do the Job

I will be a better chairman of the board

Council will be kept in the loop

I would never publically put down, criticize, or complain about any staff or council member.

The incumbent has been campaigning since the last election; I have just started.

What I need to get elected

Money. I am willing to put up money of my own, but if others help it is a sign of support as well as a financial help.

The incumbent has won before when he has two or more creditable opponents.

I will need help, my school trustee and council campaigns were mostly just me and my wife.

Thank you


Dick Carpani 2006-03-04 21:46


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