Vote Dick Carpani for Mayor
  Sarnia Ontario Canada

Rotary Talk 2006 10 16
Dick Carpani

Good afternoon everybody and thank you for the opportunity to be here. I hope you will decide that I am the best candidate to be Sarnia’s next mayor

About me

a.  I am a retired chemical engineer (Nova)

b.    have lived in Sarnia since 1958, born and went to school in Saskatoon

c.    I have wife Donna, two adult children and two grandchildren

d.  I was four and a half years on Sarnia City council, 12 years on LCBE and five years as chair of the housing authority. I was the housing authority’s last chair and oversaw its transfer to a Lambton County responsibility

e.    Many other volunteer committees, I am a golden K Kiwanian

f.      I stay fit and I am a blood donor.

2.    About my style

a.    I am one who works with people

b.    I believe that, with proper discussion and understanding, most council decisions should be either by consensus or a large majority in favour.

c.    I will take advantage of the knowledge and opinions of each councillor.

d.    I will not reject any proposal without even a hearing

e.    I will not turf anyone, business person or whoever, out of my office

f.      People tell me I am too much of a ‘nice guy’. I do not think that being pleasant to people is a bad characteristic for a mayor.

3.    What I will do as your mayor

a.    My vision statement is to make Sarnia:

                                                              i.      A good place to live,
a good pace to visit and
a good place to move to.

                                                            ii.      I think this will lead directly to the city goals

b.    Five of my goals include:

                                                              i.      Control tax level to make it as low as is consistent with acceptable services

                                                            ii.      Infrastructure i.e. sewers, sidewalks, roads, parks to standard

                                                          iii.      Keep youth in town

                                                         iv.      Work with MPAC on assessment fairness

                                                           v.      Have good health care including more doctors completed hospital

c.    Some actions needed:

                                                             i.      Many of the items outlined in the BMA report. For example better use of reserve funds

                                                            ii.      A university or at least increased university level opportunities at Lambton College

                                                          iii.      A strategic plan

                                                         iv.      Work in conjunction with:

1.    The Chamber of commerce

2.    The Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership

3.    The Labour Council

4.    Lambton County Council

                                                           v.      Work with city staff. They do the work with council being their board-of-directors providing policy and making decisions

Thank you again for the opportunity to be here. I believe I am the best candidate for mayor of Sarnia. “If we keep doing what we have been doing, how do we expect a different outcome?”


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